(Why) Start Your Online Strategy With YouTube

In this short podcast I start by talking about why it’s best to upload your videos to YouTube, thus making YouTube the primary hosting platform for all videos … but then I go into the strategy / concept of using social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Blogger to drive traffic to your website – something that’s actually easier to accomplish than to try to optimize your actual company website to show up high in the search engines.

Give it a listen, then I’d love to get your questions & comments


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Mike Liebensohn

In search of truth amidst the human condition. Singer/songwriter at http://ParkwaySouthBand.com and Video Producer at http://VideoActivePro.com

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  1. Paul Griffith

    I’m living in a video-starved landscape. I like the you tube strategy. Your approach was good. It was optimistic. I like the twin attack from the two largest search engines. I’ve got a network to promote!



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