What If Some Of Your Followers Don’t Have Time to Watch Videos?

We’re all so busy! Why not make it easier for people to “consume” your content and provide an mp3 / podcast version of your videos in addition to putting it on YouTube?

And – taking my own advice – see below to watch, listen, or read this new video ….


Full Transcript:
In this video I’m going to talk about using multiple formats to reach out to more people using your video content.

We all get bombarded by emails every day ….. and, although there’s lots of crap that comes in every day, there’s also a lot of good stuff that we just don’t have time to read or watch. But – some of us like to take their podcasts or audio programs – things like that – into the car and listen while they’re stuck in traffic, or at the gym, or while out in the woods taking a hike. Why not give these people another option?

AND while you’re at it, why not provide a full transcript for those people that would prefer to read your content instead of witch or listen to it. This is exactly what I’ve started doing for myself, and I suggest you do the same. It doesn’t take a lot of time – here’s a quick overview ….

So let’s say you’ve already made a video – to get an audio only version of it you just go back to your editing program and render it as an MP3 instead of as a full video. Or, if you’ve already put your video on YouTube, you can use something like Easy YouTube Video Downloader to download the video to your computer as an MP3 format.

Next, take that mp3 file and upload it to SoundCloud. Sound cloud dot com is similar to YouTube – it’s pretty big just like YouTube – but only, it’s for audio files instead of for video files. So, upload it there and then they’ll give you the embed code that you can put on your website just like you do for a YouTube video. Or you can just get the link and send it to people that way.

Lastly, for the transcription, it’s just a matter of you typing it out manually or paying someone to do it. I recommend a company called Internet Transcribers – it’s only a couple bucks for a short video that’s about 2 minutes long.

By the way, another good reason you want to get your videos transcribed – you can upload that transcription into the closed caption section of the YouTube videos, giving you even more search engine visibility.

Now you’ll have a YouTube video, an audio on SoundCloud, and a full transcript. You want to bring it all together and host it and keep it on one blog post page. Go to my blog post to see exactly how I’ve done it.

If you want to go even further, you can set yourself up on iTunes and make this a free podcast, giving you a whole new audience and a lot more places to be found.

If you have any questions, please post them in the YouTube comments. Thanks for watching!


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