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We help businesses create amazing video content…. AND make sure it gets seen by the right people
As our name implies, we concentrate on getting your videos to “rank” in the search engines. Some might refer to this as Video SEO or vSEO – but there’s much more to it than just getting found in Google.  There’s YouTube, social media, and email lists …. Plus, we don’t rely on tricks or black hat techniques.  It’s not about manipulation, it’s about best practices.

We develop and constantly update strategies to give you a huge advantage when it comes to both video production (editing, scripting, etc) and online distribution (keywords,  optimization, and linking).

We cater to businesses that may be at one of 3 levels:

Those who want to create their own video content and just need help with the “ranking”


Those who are looking for complete done-for-you video marketing including production


Those who just want our regular free information to help them do their own production and ranking


Call  (203) 684-5123 to get started or email mike@CTLocalMarketing.com
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