“Losing My Faith” by Parkway South (Music written, performed, and video produced, by owners of VideoActive)

Our innovative journalistic style will help you authentically express your passion and story
(while having fun!)

Our Approach…

Behind The Scenes

It’s all about having a real conversation while the camera rolls – capturing the moments “in between the words” that speak the truth and inspire people to take action … thus our company name: Video-Active.


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Shower & Showup

Video Production - Shower & Showup

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Blog And Video Tips

Video marketing tips – everything from lighting and audio to SEO and social media

Mike’s “20 Second” Video Marketing Tips

“This whole experience has really been a positive growth opportunity for me, because its forced me to look at other people and my own world from a different perspective – from video”
Bill Karchere @ Platinum Properties

“Mike is very talented, and a very creative person. I highly recommend him!”
Ingri Boe-Wiegaard @ CT Acupuncture Center

“Your videos are great, entertaining – and NOT pushy!”
Bryan Short @ Sewing Loft Of Avon

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Contact us to discuss your specific needs and see if we’re the right fit. There’s absolutely no pressure, just like our conversational taping process =)