Video Production: How To Get Your Videos Seen Online

If you’re going to spend the time and money to make a video, it would make sense to put a little bit of effort into making sure people actually can find it and watch it and see it. Otherwise what’s the point?

I’ve seen so many small business owners, experts, authors, marketing managers, etc who are already doing videos, but they’re not seeing a significant number of views and they’re definitely not showing up in Google’s regular search results.

There’s really three areas that you want to concentrate on. Number one is keywords. Number two is getting views, and number three is backlinks.

#1 Keywords: You want to figure out what keywords you’re going to target with the video. Each video should really have one keyword phrase that’s associated with it. Not ten. You want to do one keyword phrase per video. So something like “plumber Shelton Connecticut”, that would be an example. You want to say those words in the video, put those words in the title of the video and in the description.

#2 Views: It’s really important to get as many people as possible to watch the video within the first day or two that you post it on YouTube. So put it in your Facebook, tweet about it, send it to your email list, call your friends, do whatever you can to get people to just watch the video all the way through and preferably also like it (in YouTube) and make a comment on it (in YouTube). The more activity you can get on your video the first couple of days, the more likely YouTube is to promote it and make it a featured video.

#3 Backlinks: Backlinks are when another website is linking to your video (or website) – it’s like a thumbs up from them. And that makes your video more likely to show up in the search engines. So you can use a service like One Hour Backlinks and pay for backlinks. You can look on for someone to build you backlinks. The best links come naturally, from your own websites or other people you know – for example if someone wrote a blog post and linked to your video, that’s a very helpful backlink.

We’re going to get into these areas in greater detail in the future ….

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