Video Marketing (Online): Why It’s Reliable & Future Proof

If you think about it, out of anything that you can possibly spend your money on, (or your time) – advertising, pay per click, direct mail, newspapers, Yellow Pages – by far, you’re going to get your best return on investment by creating good video content and then make sure that it gets seen.

By putting the time in to optimize it and distribute it and share it online, you’re going to have online property that’s eternal. It’s going to be working for you 24/7.

People are already searching for information – for answers, so if you take the time to research the right keywords and craft your content around it (and add value, not just “stuff it” with keywords) you’ll get traffic. And when you do that on a regular basis and you’re constantly putting more out there, it’s going to position you as the expert.

People will naturally start coming to you because you’re being helpful. They’re also going to feel a sense of bonding and trust because they’re seeing and hearing you.

The reason why this strategy is also “future proof” is because we’re not relying on tips and tricks. This is all about creating good content and a set of best practices. Google loves that. And you’re safe for anytime Google decides to change and do another Penguin or Panda update or whatever they do.

No matter what, if you create good helpful content, people will watch it and share it. They’ll comment on it and post it in Facebook and Twitter. It’s human nature … think of it like “word of mouth 2.0”!

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