Video Making 101 – Good Sound Quality Is Essential (& how to do it)

There are two essential things you need to do to make your videos look professional.

The first is pay attention to the audio quality. Watch the video below to find out more.

(Check out next week’s blog and video for the second thing)

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Have you ever seen a YouTube video where it’s really hard to hear what they’re saying? …. don’t do that…

It’s actually pretty easy to fool people into thinking that you spent a fortune hiring a professional film crew to make your videos – IF you do two things.

Can you guess what the first one is?

Yup – make sure you get good audio

What about the second thing? Well, you’ll have to tune in next week to find out about #2 …. but on to audio quality.

When I record these videos, I have a little lapel mic that plugs right into the camera. But the camera has a built in mic too. But I don’t use that one.

Here’s what is sounds like with the built in mic (sounds good). And here’s what it sounds like with the lapel mic (sounds bad – you have to watch the video to hear the difference!)

Now, you can also get a shotgun style mic that goes on a stand and points at your mouth – but those can get expensive. The lapel mic is only like $30 and it sounds great.

Keep in mind, many consumer grade cameras don’t have a mic input. In that case, record your audio separately and plug the mic into something like this (Sony MP3 Recorder). So you’ll hit record on both the video camera and the audio recorder at the same time – then sync them up in editing. And here’s a little trick for that.

You know how in the movies that use a clapboard to start off each scene? They do that to help them sync up the audio and video. The clap sound makes a very distinct spike in the audio file and helps the editor line things up. So, instead of buying a clapboard, you can simulate that by clapping your hands three times in front of the camera (demonstrated in video).

So that’s it for today. Remember – you can have a great looking video but if the sound quality is poor, you’re gonna lose people – so please take this tip to heart.

Make sure to look for part 2 next week!

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