Using Video On Websites

There are many ways to use video to make your website more “alive” and let visitors look inside your business, just like they were there in person

Examples of using video on a website:

• Overview / Profile Video on your home page, to engage the visitor right away. Nowadays people “scan” web pages and are not likely to read whatever copy you have on your website. They would rather watch something that explains what you do, why you’re different, and shows something that gets right to the point

Check out our home page to see an example: VideoActive

• FAQ / Educational Tips Videos on your resources page, to attract those people googling for answers to their questions and concerns (maybe they don’t even know about you yet, and are just typing in keywords!) This is also a great way to show your expertise in your field or industry.

Here’s an example from a commercial electronic security company: “Migrating From Analog to IP Video”

• Customer / Client Testimonial Videos can be very powerful when they are natural and unscripted (because people can tell when they are canned).

This example is from Sports Center of CT

• Video “Headshots” instead of the typical headshots and bios on your company’s about us page, we can do short profile videos for each person, ranging from a one sentence super short soundbyte to full documentary style productions

• Video Backgrounds / Video Headers instead of plain backgrounds or photos, we can give you live moving video of your office, people, or products that show silently in the background of the pages of your website. They really make a website look polished!

To see examples, visit Ambrosi Cutlery and HR Insights Consulting

• Original Still Photography is “still” very important! Photos of your people, products, and office – forget boring (or expensive) stock photography, we can give you custom shots while we’re already on site taping your videos.

Here are some examples, taken by our sister company, That Photographer Girl: Commercial Gallery and Headshots – or, if you’re looking for something a little more edgy, check out our newest brand Forsaken Photography