“True Marketing” vs Tactics & Tricks

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What do you think of when I say marketing?

Websites, SEO, yellow pages, direct mail, social media, etc ……. Right?

Well, these are really just pieces of the overall puzzle – just channels, just ways to get your message out there.

But – what about the actual message?

Does your message sound the same as what all your competitors are saying? After all, if everybody offers “high quality service”, how will people decide who is REALLY the best? That’s why most companies end up selling “on price”.

Good congruent marketing can help.

I’m not talking about figuring out the right headlines and call-to-action, etc. That stuff IS crucial, but when used independently they’re just tactics. Because, what happens when someone responds to your “cool” headline and then gets directed to a confusing website, then is greeted by your unfriendly receptionist (or answering machine) – you’ll just be spinning your tires. Or at best, not maximizing your leads and profit margins.

To be super effective requires going through the process of orchestrating an experience for your prospects. Taking the time to think through what should happen from the time they see an ad or search listing, to the first phone call, to the follow-up(s), then on to post-sell and asking for referrals.

For example, you may want to concentrate on offering a free guide in your ad which leads prospects to watch a video on your website. Now you’ve done two things: 1. stood out from the other ads and 2. positioned yourself as an expert – plus they’ve bonded with the person in the video! All before they get around to calling for a price.

Obviously, every situation and industry is different and has its own unique challenges, and I’m over simplifying.

BUT, people are people. If we just put some thought into developing content and information that would actually SERVE our prospects, and make it easy for them to find and access that information, then we will be, in effect, SHOWING them why we are the best vs just talking about it.

NOTE: This does not have to be a hard, expensive project (you know, the kind that we can all easily justify procrastinating about). Often, it just takes an objective third party get you started and to write up the blueprint – then the details can be built up incrementally over time. (We’re happy to help with that)

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