How To Choose a Video Production Company For Your Business

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As a business owner, you understand the important of a strong video presence these days – on your website, YouTube, and social media. Not only do today’s consumers expect it, but when done right, video sells for you 24 hours a day, freeing up time and resources  for other parts of your business.

Technically, it’s easy to make a video these days. Many people are even using their smart phones or buying pro-consumer camcorders. And there’s no shortage of videographers to choose from. Lot’s of great video people, lots of options, BUT operating a camera is only one piece of the puzzle.

The Big Picture – Lighting & Sound

Beyond the camera, there’s an art to composing great shots. It goes without saying that you want to find someone who understands how to use the proper lenses, lighting, and settings to make the subjects look good – and interesting visuals to hold viewer attention. Not to mention using the right microphones so you don’t sound like your office is in a cave (remember, audio is half the viewer experience).

But …. The Most Important Part Is What You Say

Let’s pretend you hire someone to tape you, that understands all of this. Maybe they’re even an award winning cinematographer. How awesome would that be!  BUT … what are you going to say once they turn the camera on? Are you going to write a script? Are they going to write something for you? Will you be able to deliver the lines in a way that doesn’t do more damage to your brand than good? (There’s a reason why A-list Hollywood actors make millions. It’s a lot harder than it looks.)

“Instead of writing a script, take more of a documentary / news story approach to your company videos”

What’s the alternative? Would you really want to hire an actor – a paid spokesperson? That would defeat the purpose. This is an opportunity to make a connection and engage the viewer. People want a glimpse behind the scenes of the place where they’re thinking about doing business. Because of the internet, consumers are more skeptical than ever. Being “real” goes a long way.

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It’s Not Just About The Words

Instead of writing a script, take more of a documentary / news story approach to your company videos. Hire someone who is an experienced interviewer to lead you (and your team) in a conversation, and let the cameras run. Then the best parts can be pulled out and edited together, along with other shots and images that tell the story (and show some behind the scenes) of your company.

Documentary makers have a general idea of the story going in, but ultimately they build the final production around what comes out of the interviews, organically. You can do the same with your business marketing videos. Get the top people from your organization who are on the front lines every day, get them talking, and their natural passion comes out. That’s the kind of video that engages the viewer. It’s not just about the words, it’s how they say it, their whole physiology.

At VideoActive Productions, this is our specialty. As a matter of fact, it’s all we do. We call it Shower & Showup™.  Our entire process is designed for us “regular” folks who get a little flustered in front of a camera, who aren’t sure what to say, but realize the value in being in our own videos.

I guarantee no matter what type of personality we’re interviewing, if they have a strong belief and passion in what they’re doing, it WILL eventually spill out on camera, once engaged in a conversation … and we know how to nurture it, capture it and edit it into a beautiful, compelling production, that engages your prospective clients and compels them to take the next step.  (And – our video shoots are actually a lot of fun!)

Next Step

Contact us to set up a no charge / no pressure conversation where we can get to know each other, talk about your vision, and see if we’re a fit.


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Activate Your Marketing With VideoActive

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Real Video, Real People – Could This Be The Missing Ingredient?


You’ve got a website. You send out emails. You post things in social media. But how well are you connecting with your audience in this new virtual world?

It’s time to “punch up” your marketing with more personal, entertaining, and engaging content that invites people into your world and goes behind the scenes a bit – while warming up your prospects, developing trust and credibility.


We can give you an entire library of videos, including a 60 second business profile video, a 15 second teaser video, and a slew of “traffic magnet” content videos – all taped in one short and painless Shower & Showup™ session. There’s nothing for you to prepare, read or memorize.

We’ll give you a presence on YouTube, optimize all videos for the search engines, and create a new videos page on your website. Then, you can start to incorporate the new videos into ALL parts of your marketing – your home page, email signature, blog posts, email newsletters, ad campaigns, etc.


Shower & Showup by VideoActive Productions

Money – You may be thinking – is this going to be way out of my budget? The truth is, with our streamlined process (this is ALL we do) and lower cost of technology, our service is affordable for even the small “single person” business owners.

Fear – Maybe you’re nervous – not sure what to say or if you’ll come off well in a video. We don’t just shove a camera in your face. We lead you through a conversation, just like a coffee chat … while the camera rolls in the background, then we edit together only the best parts. And, we know what lenses and light to use to make you look your best.

Skeptical – I get it, maybe you’re just not convinced that being in your own videos can help your business. Let me put you in touch with a list of clients who will tell you about how they now feel like a celebrity when they show up to meet with a new prospect – or how much easier they close deals because they’re perceived as “the expert” right out of the gate. And don’t even get me started about the popularity of online video these days – YouTube, social media, Google …

Shelf Genie YouTube Channel

I’m sure you have questions. Let’s talk. The first conversation is free, and I guarantee you’ll never have a more low pressure experience with a potential vendor.  Even if you’re not thinking of getting started for a while, now is the time to begin looking out for topics, and I can give some very powerful advice that has the potential to make you A LOT of money.  Want to know what it is?  Send me an email so we can put something on the calendar –


Mike Liebensohn
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Unique Selling Proposition (USP), Value Statement, Elevator Pitch, 30 Second Commercial, Twitter Profile Message …

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I’m constantly re-writing and testing out different messages to see what gets the best response. I believe it’s the most important thing you can do for your business.

If you can describe what you do in one sentence, and the person on the other end says “really?” or simply shows a genuine reaction, then you know you’re on to something! Otherwise, you’ll simply blend into their already overcrowded databank … just another person who “does what you do”.

With that being said, here’s my latest incarnation: “From 60 minutes to 60 seconds™. We produce short, powerful & personal “interview style” business videos. Just Shower & Showup™ and we’ll take care of the rest!”

You need to say just enough about the type of business you’re in so they can put you in some sort of box, but the main thing should be to give them a mental image as to how / why you’re different or better. You don’t want to be too out there or it won’t work, yet it’s got to be strong enough that they question what’s wrong with their current product / vendor or it makes them feel a little excited about maybe trying out what you do for the first time.

Just start paying more attention to what you say and how people react when you describe what you do, and I guarantee ALL of your marketing will become more effective.

How To Enable & Upload Custom YouTube Thumbnails

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eyes closed picYou know that little picture that you click on to watch a video?

Sometimes the image that shows up is pretty unflattering – it’s usually someone with their mouth open or their eyes are closed. Don’t let this happen to you!

Normally when you upload a video to YouTube, they give you three choices for this image, which is called a thumbnail. Very often, none are great options. But, you can unlock the ability to upload a custom thumbnail just by verifying your YouTube account.

Just go into account settings and click verify – then it will ask for a phone # for them to text a verification code to. That’s it. They just want to make sure you are a real person. There’s no other requirements.

Unfortunately, YouTube menus can be very confusing, so here are some screenshots to show you how to find the verification button.


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How To Properly Upload Videos To YouTube

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We always recommend uploading all videos to YouTube – even if you want them on your website, put them on YouTube first then embed them on your site. Why? Because YouTube is the #2 search engine, owned by Google (#1). Enough said …

In this video, we show the basics of uploading a video to YouTube, including how to create a title, description, and tags section that will help you get found in the search engines.

Make sure to also watch this for a quick how to on adding your video to your LinkedIn profile

Need a new video? Our Shower & Showup™ is the perfect way to easily get a pro video made that shows people what you do & WHY you’re different.

[Video Production Tip] Shooting “B Roll” With Your Phone

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Whether you’re planning to do a Shower & Showup™ video with us or you’re making your own videos, one thing that can make the production much more compelling and entertaining is by adding “B Roll”.

VideoActive Productions: Shooting b roll with your iphone or smartphoneB roll just means other footage or images that we cut to when editing. It literally refers to the second or “B” roll of camera film they used back in the day. Think about a news story – the A roll is for the news reporter and interviews, and the B roll would contain things like the street, buildings, cars, murder scene, etc.

It’s crucial to have other imagery so your video is not just a “talking head” the whole time. Since we’re primarily discussing business marketing videos and professional profile / meet me videos, you’ll want to get shots of your business environment or things that shows whatever it is your business does.

Here are some examples:

  • Shots of you at your desk
  • You on the phone
  • At your computer (shoot from behind, side & front)
  • Read more

B2B Video Marketing – Using Customer Success Story Videos To Drive Traffic & Build A Community

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Customer success story videos, aka testimonial videos, are powerful!  Especially when they are emotional and “real”.  (It better not look like they’re reading a script!)

For a business selling to consumers (B2C) these are great videos to make whenever there’s a satisfied customer in your store, restaurant, or you’re at their home.  You can just take out your iphone or flip cam and turn it on and ask them, “what can you tell me about your experience?” then upload it to YouTube (make sure to properly add keywords – see this video at about halfway).  In my opinion, the more raw the production value in these cases, the better.

VideoActive Success Story Videos Picture

But …. if you’re a business selling to another business (B2B) this “rough” approach is OK, but there’s a really good reason to go farther and make it nice.

Why? Because they’re a business, and they also have something to gain by being in this video.

If you capture your client / customer in a highly personal way – especially if it’s the owner / president of the business – talking about how your company helped them, they now have a video they can use in their own marketing.  In other words, they get to talk about their own business on camera in an indirect way, and there’s something really powerful and credible about that – it seems more real, disarming, like we’re looking in on something from behind the scenes – not watching some canned commercial.
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