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Business Video Made Easy – Is This What’s Holding You Back?

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fear-textIf you’re a business owner, professional, salesperson, or even a job seeker, it’s essential to have your own video to market yourself and/or your company.

I’m talking about a real video with YOU in it.

Not a flashy animated text video or a slide show, but something where people can really get to know you and decide if they believe what you’re saying enough to take the next step and email / call / meet with you.

If you don’t have this, you’re missing out – because chances are, they’ve just seen your competitor’s video, and already made a connection with him. Why would they need to call YOU if they’ve already found their guy?

That’s the type of culture we live in these days – Google search and social media and YouTube. By the time you get them on the phone it’s already too late.

Great – so, what’s holding you back?

Fear? Budget? Disbelief?
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