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Marketing Assets vs Liabilities – Why Business Owners Should Invest In Video First

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Before spending a dime advertising in Google, Facebook, newspapers, billboards, mailings, radio – wouldn’t it make sense to KNOW that the message you’re putting out there is going to be effective? Why spend the money to get people to see / hear about your company if it’s likely going to be ignored or the point missed. It’s like a crapshoot. It’s likely to end up a “marketing liability”.

Instead, start by clearly answering the question already going on in every prospect’s mind: “what’s in it for me? why should I care? what’s so great about you?” And don’t just answer with a laundry list of features and benefits on your website that no one will read, but with a real visceral message that has depth and weight. Something that people can connect with on an emotional level. The best way to do this is with a Shower & Showup video from VideoActive, or what I like to refer to as your new “marketing asset”.

We draw out what makes you and your company great, all while the camera is running in the background. But more than that, we lead you and challenge you – from the perspective of a skeptical prospect who is always asking that question “so what – why do I care?” – and we capture it all in real time. After about an hour interview, we edit down the footage, taking only the very best parts – plus adding in any other footage, imagery and text to tell the story – and create a final short (about 60 seconds) polished video, which we upload & optimize on YouTube, and put on your website, linkedin, social media, etc.

Sure, you can work with a copywriter, general marketing consultant, or other video production company … they’ll interview you, craft the words, write a script etc – but, it might still miss the point. So much of what makes you great comes across in the tone of your voice and your physiology. In our videos, your passion and expertise comes across without you coming out and saying it. The viewer gets to make up their own mind about you, and that’s extremely important in today’s untrusting online world. There’s nothing better for us than capturing a moment when our client realizes his own value right in front of us, on camera. That’s something that resonates with viewers, and it can’t be faked unless you’re a trained actor (really, an “A list” actor!)

With VideoActive, you get the best of both worlds – a professional video crew AND marketing consultant rolled into one, and you walk away with an asset. Why am I calling it an asset? Because you’ll have a video that lasts, working for you 24/7, and you’ve only paid for it one time. You’ll know that when someone sees your video, it will be effective. It will give your website direction and substance. It will inspire your words when you meet someone at a networking event. The experience of creating the “perfect” video will bring clarity to your entire marketing and selling process.