Small Business Marketing – Making Your Video (Interview Questions)

Deer sticking tongue out - that photographer girl dot com and  videoactive productionsWhat do you like better – Obama or Clinton?

Don’t worry – I’m NOT talking politics … just making a point about communication.

With Barack, it’s obvious that he’s reading a teleprompter, while Bill just comes across like he’s having a conversation with you over a cup of coffee.

While you may not have Bill’s charisma, you obviously have something that makes people want to do business with YOU. Why not just capture that natural style in a short video – in a “journalistic style” marketing video.

Trying to read a script in front of the camera is hard. You’re going to get nervous and feel the pressure to “get it right”. Unless you are an experienced performer, it’s likely to come off canned and flat – it’s not going to have the power it needs to have – because it won’t be the real you.

For that reason, our approach is to just show up and interview you (over a cup of coffee), get you talking (not even looking at the camera), and then produce the video using whatever footage we get from the interview, weaving in text, graphics, shots of your office, pictures, etc – to tell your story. The heavy lifting happens in the editing.

It’s easy for you and more believable for your audience.

Of course, there are situations that call for a scripted video, but most small business owners / professionals just need a simple video for their website and to share in social media to let their prospective clients get to know them, start to trust them, and believe in their expertise just enough to take the next step – in which case the journalistic video approach is the most effective format.

Good Questions To Ask (When Making A Marketing Video)

If you decide to give it a try on your own, and set up the camera and have someone ask you questions, below is a good set of questions to use.

  1. What do you do … how is that different from everyone else?
  2. Why do you do what you do?
  3. What is the pain that you solve …. So what? Why do we care about that? (think about what the CUSTOMER really cares about)
  4. What’s your favorite part of the job? Tell me why …
  5. What keeps you up at night?
  6. What’s something that your competitors do, that drives you crazy?
  7. What’s something people would be surprised to know about your industry?
  8. What are you always preaching to your clients / telling them to do?
  9. Tell me about the type of client you can help the most …
  10. What tip or advice can you give … so even if the person watching never does business with you, they can feel like they’ve learned something from watching this video?
  11. What’s the next step? (call to action)

Plus, remember these non-specific follow up statements / questions:
Tell me more …. what else …. keep going …. interesting …. I don’t understand …..


But, remember – it’s not just about asking the questions. What you really want is a conversation, and you want the interviewer to push back and take the position of a “skeptical prospect”.

Ask the right questions, let the camera roll, then identify the best parts during the editing process.

Not sure if you’re ready to do this on your own? We can help. Contact us for a no charge / no pressure conversation.

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