Shower & Showup

How do you set your business apart
 …. in a way that doesn’t come across like bullsh*t?


Shower & Showup by VideoActive Productions

A Shower & Showup™ video from VideoActive can help you:

  • demonstrate your expertise & build trust
  • duplicate yourself / leverage your time
  • make it easier for others to refer you
  • establish a presence in YouTube & Google


With only one hour of your time, we’ll produce a short “documentary / reality style” video that lets people meet you – and gives them a real sense of how you’re different.

There’s absolutely nothing to prepare or memorize – just a simple interview that we tape, followed by creative editing, where we also include other images, music, and your logo / branding. You just Shower & Showup and we’ll do the rest.



Why does this approach work? Because it’s REAL.

Something magical happens after the first 20 minutes of taping, when you forget the camera is there.

You relax, and it’s just two people having a conversation – and your true passion comes out. We just let it happen, then edit together the best parts.

“I help small business owners & professionals discover that one thing that sets them apart from their competition – and we roll the camera while it’s happening.”

Very often, our clients actually discover their true USP (unique selling proposition) during this process (and THAT is priceless).

When your future customers watch your video, there’s a level of bonding and trust that happens as they realize what your saying isn’t bullsh*t and you’re getting straight to the core of how you can help them.

Check out the rest of our website and feel free to call me to get a preview of what the videotaping experience will be like, and ask any questions (203) 665-8874 or