Setting Up Your YouTube Channel & Why You Should Even Care ….

Ever struggle with how to use Facebook for your business?

If you do, you’re in good company.

In this video I make a case for why YouTube is the better platform for “going social” with your business.

In addition, I cover:
-YouTube’s new One Channel design & what to do
-How to make a trailer video (to get more subscribers)

Full Transcript:
In this video I’m going to attempt to convince you why YouTube’s new OneChannel is a great thing AND show you how to make a trailer video – all so you can get more customers and followers using social media.

So, as a business owner, do you ever struggle with what to do on Facebook? I know I have. You’re supposed to be social, do fun stuff – take quizzes, spy on your friends from high school … and then once and a while post something about your business, right?

Well, I’m not here to bash facebook. I love the idea of social networking to expand your sphere of influence – I just wish there was an easier way. Something that was a little more business friendly.

YouTube IS social media and it’s a video hosting platform. It’s the perfect combination of business and social. You upload videos that YOUR prospects and customers would find helpful and hopefully somewhat entertaining AND as they watch, like and share the videos, THEIR friends become exposed to your videos and your business. So you still get the networking power of social media, but you can pretty much stick to business content – making videos for your website, for email campaigns, and for the search engines, that you would need anyway.

So – if you’re buying into what I’m saying, then it’s important to have your own YouTube channel – and one that people would want to subscribe to. It’s like your “home base” on YouTube. And with this new One Channel design, they’ve just made things a whole lot easier. One of the best new features is what’s called the trailer video option.

You’ve been to the movies where the previews play advertising other movies before the movie you’re about to watch. Well that’s called a trailer.

[Fun Fact: The word trailer comes from back in the day when most cinemas played two movies back to back, and the previews would “trail” the first movie, giving folks time to go to the bathroom, etc]

“So what’s the deal with that. Yeah – it’s like when we park on the driveway and drive on the parkway. Crazy, isn’t it?”

This is similar. The YouTube trailer plays whenever someone new visits your channel, telling them a little bit about your company, about your channel, and encouraging them to subscribe. And this happens whether they’re watching on a computer, a TV, a smart phone, a tablet … the same messaging across all devices, which is why they call is YouTube One Channel.

The trailer doesn’t have to be complicated. You might already have something that will work with a little tweaking. You want to just cover 3 points. Number 1 – tell people who you are. Number 2 – tell them a little bit about yourself and your company and then Number 3 – tell them what kind of videos to expect from your channel. And then ask them to subscribe. That’s the most important part – this whole video is not to sell any product or service it’s just to get people to want to subscribe and come back to see your videos.

Ok – so I’ve just made a case for why YouTube can be an amazing strategy for growing your business. The next step is to upgrade to the new One Channel – it’s free – and then go out and make your trailer video.

To find out more and to see examples of how other companies are using One Channel – and to see what kind of trailer videos they’re making, go to

If you’d like US to set things up for you, go over to to see what kind of packages we’re offering

Also – please leave your questions in the YouTube comments – I’d appreciate it.

Thanks for watching and we’ll see you soon …


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