Video Ranking

We strongly believe that if you’re going to spend time and money to produce a video, you should put the same amount of resources into making sure people actually watch it!

What we’re calling “Video Ranking” can also be called Video Search Engine Optimization, Video SEO, or just vSEO. It’s basically the art and science of positioning videos to “rank” high in the search engines. SEO is commonly utilized with websites – but we specialize in doing it for videos, which tend to stand out more than websites. And favorable rankings can often be achieved within weeks instead of months.

Typically videos are uploaded and optimized on YouTube (which is owned by Google), and using a variety of linking strategies, blog posts, social bookmarking, social media, and other proprietary techniques, we are able to position your videos so that they show up in the Google search results for your desired local keywords.

Click here to see examples and screenshots.

Many of the videos we produce include optimization (click here to see our production packages). But, depending on factors like your industry and desired geographical reach, additional efforts may be required. Also, if you produce your own videos, or have them from another company, we are happy to put together a plan to optimize them and start getting you search traffic and views.

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