Video Marketing

We offer comprehensive, turn-key, done for you Video Marketing solutions designed to increase your online visibility and convert more traffic into customers.

Video is leverage. We allow you to be in more than one place at the same time by providing a reliable, automated sales funnel that works even while you’re sleeping.

We typically start by creating a series of videos, then we use them to
1. blanket the internet so that your prospects can find you, and
2. communicate with your prospects and customers systematically, over time, to continue building credibility and trust – keeping you top of mind so they’ll know exactly who to call when they’re ready to buy.

Often we’ll create a special sign-up web page (lead page) or add a sign up box to your existing website / page. Next, we setup a series of video emails – each will be automatically delivered over time to each person that signs up – or to the ones you add in manually – like when you meet a prospect at a trade show, referral, etc). It’s crucial to maintain the illusion that these emails are coming from a real person – and not automated (we’re very good at this). Plus, it’s often helpful to develop some type of free e-book and/or coupon to entice prospects to sign up. We specialize in producing all aspects of a strategy like this, including the content and the technical logistics.

By systematically distributing regular optimized video content, Google will love you, and you can use that same content to stay top of mind with your prospects, educate people coming to your website, and have great things to post in social media, making it easier for your happy clients and fans to share you with others.

Click here to see some of systems we’ve put together for clients.

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Also, you can just watch this video for a visual demonstration of the concept.
Keep in mind, each company and market is different – this is just one example.
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Got some time? Get some popcorn and watch this oldie but goodie on the classic video marketing strategy called “10x10x4”
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PS – If you do a lot of face to face selling, check out this blog post / video for yet another take on this strategy