How To Search Engine Optimize & Upload Videos To YouTube

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10 Ways To Use Video In Your Marketing

There’s lots of powerful ways to use video in your marketing. We’ve put together a list of 10 along with the strategy to use and why. Print this one out and keep it handy for future reference!

5 Real World Strategies For Video & Social Media

Google, SEO, social media, YouTube, websites, blogging, email marketing … it’s all a little overwhelming, right? In this presentation, Bill DeRosa of Talking Finger and Mike Liebensohn of VideoActive Productions will tie it all together and help you make sense of it all through real life strategies, case studies and examples.

Getting Started With Online Video Marketing

Are you open to learning about a better way to bring in new (and more repeat) business? We thought so…. in this short seminar (actually it’s an hour and 20 minutes! but according to the feedback we’ve received, it’s time well spent), Mike Liebensohn of VideoActive Productions / CT Local Marketing and Bill DeRosa of Talking Finger provides an overview of online video marketing which includes WHAT to make your videos about, how to get FREE traffic from Google, how to produce videos on a shoestring, and how to properly leverage video on social media.

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Social Media Marketing Panel

This recording is from a recent panel discussion with Mike Liebensohn of VideoActive Productions, Bill DeRosa of Talking Finger, and Cindy Cavoto of Firebrand Social Media.

Some of the topics include:

  • How does social media affect how your website shows up in Google?
  • Does social media work for companies that sell B2B?
  • Video & social media content
  • What is the best way to get new likes to your Facebook Page?
  • Measuring ROI

What To Talk About In Your (Business) Videos

One of the biggest stumbling blocks people seem to have with getting started making videos for their business is not knowing what to talk about! This video takes you through an easy method of creating a list of ideas.

Use This Tool To Get Started:
This is the companion hand-out for the above video.

How To Create Content Videos For Your Business (document)

How To Create A Video That Generates Leads

This video, created with the do-it-yourself’er in mind, gives a good brief overview of the typical video we make for our clients – and the associated keyword research and optimization necessary to make sure their prospects find their video, then take action.

Local Businesses: Getting People To Know, Like & Trust You….

In this video from a recent presentation at the Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce in Shelton, CT, Mike Liebensohn with CT Local Marketing talks about how online video can be used to get more exposure as well as to warm prospects up before that first meeting.

The #1 Strategy For CT Businesses, Using Web Video Marketing

Mike Liebensohn with CT Local Marketing gives a complete overview of how our video marketing strategy for local businesses works.

Push vs Pull Marketing

This short video illustrates the huge difference in effort between pushing your message out to the masses vs getting out in front on the path your prospects are already on, and “pulling” them in using videos, websites, and search optimization.

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