Video Marketing For Realtors

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Dear Real Estate Professional:

Video is a great way to

  • stand out from your competition & get found
  • build rapport & trust with your prospects
  • position yourself as the expert
  • stay top of mind / automated follow-up

PLUS – it’s great content to post on you website & regular social media posts
PLUS – it makes it so easy for your clients to share you with their friends & refer you

But, rather than me go on telling you all the reasons why video marketing is so great, let me SHOW you.

I’ve put together a series of videos & emails that cover a wide range of video marketing topics including

  • what to make videos about
  • how to make them yourself
  • how to get found using Google search & social media

By signing up, you’ll get to experience the power of video marketing first hand
and see how effective this automated email follow-up & trust building strategy works. You’ll have the same
experience YOUR prospects will have if you should decide to implement this yourself.

You decide if it’s right for you & your business first – then we’ll talk more about getting started …

Enter your information below, and we’ll get started right away.


Mike Liebensohn
Owner / Producer
VideoActive Productions
CT Local Marketing

PS – the best part: this is all free and I guarantee you’ll learn some cool marketing tricks whether you ever decide to do
business with us – AND there’s an opt-out link at the bottom of each email should you decide this isn’t for you ….

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Shower & Showup Package
For Realtors

Have you been thinking that maybe you need to do a video for your marketing, but you don’t know what it should be about or what you would say?

We’ve made the entire process QUICK, easy, fun and affordable – delivering a completely optimized, turnkey video that deliver the experience of you and your message at their most captivating, engaging and natural best.

We call it “The worry-free, you don’t have to do a thing but shower and showup awesome video and marketing package.”
  • Taping at your location or you come to us.
  • One hour of pre-taping preparation. On the day of shoot or via phone or skype before the shoot we chat to define the key messages and ingredients for the taping.
  • One hour of taping. No need to rehearse! We already know our mission so we just have fun talking and asking you about you. We bring our special magic to bring out your inner awesomeness so people will love you (as much as your mom does).
  • Post production editing – we take the very best moments and edit them together with music, graphics, and pictures that complete your image perfectly
  • We deliver a 2-minute video for your marketing.


PLUS- we will take a nice headshot of you the day of the taping
PLUS – we will set up your YouTube channel
PLUS – we will give the video a title that will help you get found
PLUS – we will upload your video to your channel
PLUS – we will use the proper keywords, tags and SEO (search engine optimization) resources so when people search they will find your video
PLUS – we will create a custom intro animation using your logo or name


PLUS – 2 FAQ / topic videos to get even more search engine traffic
PLUS – Free Cinematic Walk-Through Listing Video*, including
photography – use it now or save for later!

* One per person. For houses larger than 5,000 square feet additional charge may apply.

One time investment of $650

Next Steps

Click the button below now to complete your purchase and we’ll book your shoot date and pre-shoot arrangements & prep.

-or- contact Mike to learn more and/or discuss your concerns and/or other needs – (203) 665-8874 or

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Check out some of our sample videos


Did You Know …

• 40% of people respond better to visual information over plain text

• Videos are 50 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google than plain
text pages alone

• YouTube is the #2 search engine (and it’s owned by Google)

• When we communicate, only 7% comes from the actual words we use.  The rest is from
tonality and body language.  So …. it’s essential to be seen and heard when trying to
make a point and especially for building trust and credibility with a prospect

Ways To Use Video In Your Business …

There’s lots of different ways to use video to drive traffic to your website, stay “top of mind” with your customers & prospects, and build trust & credibility.

• Get in front of hundreds if not thousands more people … without leaving your
house, by leveraging Google, YouTube, and social media (ask us how)

• Never make a “cold” call again … send your intro video ahead first!

• Create a video series and “drip” it out on your blog & social media

• Put video your website to increase engagement

• Email your educational FAQ videos out to new prospects over time (can be automated)

• Run your videos as YouTube commercials

• Video SEO (search engine optimization)