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video-production-in-CT-thumbnail---CT-Local-MarketingHave you been thinking that maybe you need to do a video for your marketing, but you don’t know what it should be about or what you would say?

Even if you did, you’re not sure if you can afford to hire a professional. Maybe you’re thinking about doing it yourself, but you’ve seen plenty of those awful DIY videos out there, that may even have a negative effect on that person’s credibility.

Of course, just about anyone can hit record and throw a video online – that no one but their mother will ever see – but creating a professionally produced marketing machine that doesn’t sound like a sales pitch, or make you look like a stuffed shirt, that’s an art. That’s what we do.

“VideoActive Productions helps you activate attention online by creating completely optimized, turnkey marketing videos that deliver the experience of you and your message at their most captivating, engaging and natural best.”

Why did we call the company VideoActive? Because the word active is all about movement and energy – making things happen!

If you’re going to do a marketing video, you want it to do something FOR you. You want it to represent the experience you offer and “activate” your marketing and your audience. If that’s what you want, you’ve come to the right place.


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Shower & Showup™ Package
Unscripted, interview style video – you don’t have to do anything but Shower & Showup™. Super easy and very effective. We guarantee it!
  • One hour of taping at one of our studios. No need to rehearse! We’ll just have fun talking and asking you about you. Our mission is to make this process super EASY
  • Post production editing – we take the very best moments and edit them together with music, graphics, and pictures that complete your image perfectly
  • We deliver video that’s about 90 seconds long to use in your marketing (here are some ways).
PLUS – we will create a custom intro animation using your existing logo or name

Contact us now to get a preview of the videotaping experience & and ask questions

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Shower, Showup and Get Online
Includes everything above PLUS:
  • We’ll properly set up your YouTube channel & create custom graphics
  • We will upload your new video to your channel
  • We’ll write a title to help your video get found AND watched
  • We’ll give you a leg up in the search engines by completely optimizing your video – using proper keywords, description, tags, social bookmarking, backlinks – employing our proven Video Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy

Contact us now to get a preview of the videotaping experience & and ask questions

Click here to see example videos
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We’re happy to discuss taping at your office and/or other options for collecting “b roll” / other footage or HDR style still shots to incorporate into your video. Just contact us for more info



Instant Video Library Package


Instead of making just one video, we can use that same Shower & Showup session to make multiple videos. Typically we would talk about FAQ’s or SAQ’s (should- ask questions) – things that naturally come up each day with prospects and customers – then create as many as 10 or 20 video clips out of that one taping session. Still unscripted – still easy.

Get lots of content for your blog, emails, YouTube (Google / SEO), and social media posts to last for weeks or months – and walk away with a full Video Library or Resources page for your website.

Contact us for more information / pricing – (203) 665-8874



Really Attractive Package


How would you like a new video produced, uploaded to YouTube, completely optimized for the search engines, posted on your blog and sent out to your email list in a nice neat way with compelling subject line and copy every single month – and you only have to show up for an hour taping once a quarter? PLUS, we’ll provide advanced SEO (search engine optimization) for your website and post for you on social media, using REAL content derived from your videos.

With this package you’ll stay top of mind with your existing clients via email and social media AND build an intense online presence, so people find YOU when they’re searching for answers in Google. The main difference between what we’re offering vs other general SEO companies: we’re starting with real video content, not regurgitated generalized industry articles. By using personal custom produced content, you not only get found but you build credibility.

Credibility Online, One Video At A Time™

Contact us for more information / pricing – (203) 665-8874



Other Possibilities / Add-ons …

  • we can help with your email newsletters / email marketing (integrating video)
  • blogging / video blogging
  • content for social media / social media marketing
  • email drip campaigns / autoresponder set-up / copywriting
  • creating free offers & lead capture pages = list building
  • advanced SEO / local SEO including Google Plus Local (Google Places) optimization & citation building
  • FAQ videos
  • webinars / evergreen automated webinars
  • paid commercial placements on YouTube & other relevant websites / adwords
  • content marketing – value based / educational videos
  • Bloopers / outtakes – a great way to make things more entertaining
  • Testimonial, case study, & how-to videos
  • YouTube channel optimization & cover artwork
  • On location shoots, multiple cameras, custom animations, graphics, and more!

There are lots of ways to use video to build trust and credibility, attract new prospects, and stay top of mind among current clients. We can put together a package to meet your goals & budget – integrating the power of video. Contact us to have a no pressure conversation – (203) 665-8874 or


“for us it’s always about making things as easy as possible for the client … sticking with that Shower & Showup™ mentality, and making sure each video we produce is real and provides value to the viewer – which ultimately strengthens credibility”


Guarantee:We want you to love the final production, share it with everybody, and spread the word about VideoActive. If for any reason you are not completely thrilled with your video, we will re-shoot and/or re-edit until you are … at no additional cost. Check out some of our sample videos



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