Mike’s Shower & Showup Video – Why This Process Is So Effective

Finally, the shoemaker’s son has some shoes! Below is a Shower & Showup™ video featuring me, Mike Liebensohn, owner of VideoActive Productions.

In this video I talk a little about who we are best suited for, and why our techniques tend to create a final production that’s more compelling for the viewer while also making the entire taping experience a lot more fun!

For a behind the scenes / overview of Shower & Showup™, watch the video on the home page

Special thanks to Tanya Detrik at All Write Resources (a fantastic business writer) for lending us her amazing interviewing skills, allowing me the ability to switch roles for just long enough to create this video.

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Mike Liebensohn

In search of truth amidst the human condition. Singer/songwriter at http://ParkwaySouthBand.com and Video Producer at http://VideoActivePro.com

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