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Hi, it’s Mike Liebensohn owner of CT Local Marketing in Shelton CT. And I wanted to share something with you that I think can really help you more effectively market your business and save a lot of time. As you know, we help small business owners with a variety of services – building websites, social media, email campaigns, search engine visibility ….. but our core is video. Why video? Because it’s all about the content …… the way things are today with google and social media – consumers are looking for answers and helpful information …. not advertisements. Really it’s about giving value before asking someone to buy from you.

So where does a small business owner get all of this content? Well, the way we’ve solved this challenge is with an interview style video shoot. In about a 3 hour session, you and I can sit down with a video camera and I can ask you questions – the same ones that you’re already answering every day with your prospects and customers – all without writing scripts or memorizing anything – then we go back and edit it up into small bite sized clips, bite sized videos. And now you have all this content that you can send out bit by bit, say over the course of an entire year. You can put it on your website, in facebook, send it out in your email blasts, and one of the areas we specialize in is youtube.

We can put these short videos on youtube and actually get them to show up in a google search – so when someone is looking for a product or service in your market, they’ll find a youtube video right there next to the typical web pages – and statistics show that people are MUCH more likely to watch a video than read a plain text web page.

After you have the videos created, you can then transcribe the videos, turning them into blog posts, articles, press releases – there’s lots of ways to repurpose this new content. And it all starts with just one simple video shoot.

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to give me a call (203) 665-8874 or email me directly. AND, I highly recommend that you get on our mailing list – we typically send out a couple emails each month with helpful video marketing and small business tips along with other helpful guides and videos.


Mike Liebensohn

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