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“Meet Me” Videos For Business Owners / Networkers / Salespeople

A New Way To Get Meetings With Prospects
Assuming you’re a business owner, networker, BNI member, chamber member, salesperson, freelancer, etc – it’s important to meet with new people (coffee chats), knowing that some of them will become new customers or maybe a referral source.  A “Meet Me” video from VideoActive can help you get more “real” meetings in today’s highly virtual world.

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People do business with people,right?  It’s about connection.  First, on a personal level, then business … do they like you, trust you, and BELIEVE that you can really help them?

But before anything happens, there needs to be a face to face meeting.  But everyone is soooo busy … just getting someone to pick up the phone is hard enough.

If only there was a way to ethically “tease” someone into wanting to meet with you.  Not necessarily buy from you (yet), but just meet with you – to learn more.



The Solution

You’ve heard about our “Shower & Showup™” approach, where we sit and have a natural conversation for about an hour, while taping the whole thing in the background, then edit out the best parts to produce a final short produced video.  It’s easy for you, and very effective.

This “Meet Me” video package is similar, just more focused.  We’re going to use the same taping approach, producing both a 60 sec and a 15 sec final video – that when people watch, they get a FEELING from it – because it’s real.  The goal is for the right people to raise their hand and want to get to know you better and the “wrong” people get filtered out.

This is NOT just about getting you on video.  Anyone can do that.  Our process captures you in a way that connects with the viewer on a gut level – so they FEEL something when they watch it. This is why we tape for an hour just to get a 60 second video.


These videos give the viewer a sense of what you and your company does, but more important, your integrity, and your ability to do what you say you can do.  It’s often NOT expressed in the words you say, but by your demeanor and body language – all the things said in between the words.  That’s why it’s crucial that we tape you in a natural conversational style.  If you were to script and “deliver” the message directly to a camera, it wouldn’t be the same (unless you’re an award winning actor or actress!)

We produce 2 short videos so that people can “meet you” before they meet you! Send your virtual self out ahead of time to break the ice, warm someone up, and inspire them to WANT to meet you in person!

IMPORTANT: There is nothing frightening about this video shoot whatsoever! It’s as simple as scheduling a coffee chat with me, Mike Liebensohn (very friendly, extremely laid back, overall nice guy – who also has a fantastic ability to interview people)



The Strategy
Customer in a circle with arrows
Once we’re done, you’ll have an amazing tool to start booking meetings for coffee chats and with prospects.

You can send out your 15 second video link via Facebook message, Linkedin, text, email, etc to get someone’s attention – then they can click through and watch your 60 sec video and decide if you are someone they’d want to meet with. Compare that to the old way … you can send your video out to 100 different people in the same amount of time it takes to pester one person with 10 voicemail’s!

It’s attraction marketing: Send out your video to more people, and the “right” ones, who feel a connection with you, will respond – and the “wrong” ones won’t (and you’ll be better off).

Not to mention, you can use the videos for other purposes … run Facebook ads, Youtube ads, optimize for the search engines, send ahead of sales calls to start the bonding and rapport process before you arrive, give them to current clients and friends to share with THEIR network (easier than asking them to call someone on your behalf) … there are countless ways to use these videos, not to mention it’s a good thing to watch it yourself if you should ever go through a period of doubt with your own value and business (it happens to the best of us).

What we’re suggesting is NOT just another passive marketing strategy. Sure, you’ll have people contact you just by having your video out there on YouTube, etc – BUT, our intention here is for you to proactively send your video to people you think might be interested in talking with you – people you can help. You might want to set a goal of sending your video to 10 people a day, for example – similar to “dialing the phone 10 times”. By keeping up this kind of activity, you’re likely to receive x number of interested people for every y number of messages sent … and you can track and tweak your activity to meet sales and revenue goals. AND here’s something else to remember … we’re now living in a world where people respond more often to Facebook messages, texts, and tweets.



Getting Started

  1. You book a 1 hour time slot on one of the days offered
  2. Send us any pictures or logos that we might want to edit into your video
  3. Show up for your taping at our Shelton, CT location (more locations soon), dressed like you would when meeting clients (be comfortable!)
  4. You & I have a conversation – just like if we were meeting for a coffee chat.  There’s nothing for you to prepare, I’ll ask the right questions to draw out what’s important
  5. The camera runs in the background the entire time, then we’ll edit out the best parts, adding in light music, your logo, pictures, etc – creating on approx 60 sec video and one approx 15 sec video.  Anything unflattering does NOT get used!
  6. We upload the videos to your own YouTube channel (we’ll create one for you if necessary), keyword optimize them, and give you specific instructions for how to implement your new videos in a variety of scenarios to attract people and book meetings
  7. We will send you reminder emails in the weeks and months afterward to help you get the most from this investment – tips and additional strategies on how other clients have had success with their videos (plus we’ll have a member forum and a place to show everyone’s video)

All this for a one time investment of $500 (+ tax) – credit cards accepted

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We also offer a number of add-on options, depending on your situation and business

Below are some typical add-on items & prices (for budgeting purposes only – final add-on pricing will be discussed at the shoot). It would be $500 for everything above PLUS the option(s) you choose below …

  • animated logo $75 (provided you already have a logo)*
  • advanced youtube seo $175 (we aim to get your video to show up in google for your keyword)*
  • outtakes $100 each (based on what we get at the shoot)
  • basic field “B roll” (we go out and get pictures / footage at your local office on a day after the shoot)* $575
  • advanced field “B roll” (special shots using sliders, aerial, etc) – custom quoted
  • 2nd camera at interview (gives us another angle to “cut” to) $175
  • custom graphics – custom quoted
  • Facebook / Linkedin campaign setup – $100 plus ad spend
  • Youtube ad campaign setup – $100 plus ad spend
  • integrate your video into your website home page – $200  (if it’s an accessible platform)
  • on-site client testimonial videos – $325 each, for local people
  • researching & editing-in stock photos / video – starting at $75 plus hard costs
  • complete interview and advanced “B roll” at your location – full packages start at $2,500


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Questions? Email me


Mike Liebensohn
Founder, VideoActive



15-20 Second Video Examples


60 Second + Video Examples

NOTE – the videos above include some of the add-ons such as on-site B roll and animated logos

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“Ask Mike about his fantastic interviewing style too, which helps present a relaxed, genuine and professional video for all to see! Mike does great work!”
-Rob Thomas, Professional Networker

“When I tried doing this myself, I had tried many different techniques. Including a version of what he does. The result was lost message and a ‘clunky’ cadence. When Mike took over the helm and directed the effort I truly forgot about the cameras, the costs, the labor and the stress. The whole setting dissolved into a conversation over a cup of coffee at my favorite diner…. Mike doesn’t charge enough for his services”
-Steve Earl, Northeast Analysis

“One of the greatest parts of working with Mike was the automatic rapport and comfort level … it made the video taping process really easy …”
-Laura Treonze @ LMT Consulting

“This whole experience has really been a positive growth opportunity for me, because its forced me to look at other people and my own world from a different perspective – from video”
-Bill Karchere @ Platinum Properties

“It’s important to communicate my passion about the work I do to a client – and that’s more effectively done in video than words on a website”
-George Scurlock @

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you lowering your prices?
Actually, we’re not – it’s just a shift in focus.  By controlling the taping location and timing, and streamlining the video’s content and purpose, we’re able to offer the base video package at a more affordable rate, knowing that many of you will want or need some of the other options and/or do more work with us in the future.

Can I address specific topics in this video shoot, maybe as an outtake?
The outtakes we offer up after the shoot result from things that are said spontaneously during the conversation.  If you need to address specific topics or if there’s something more scripted that you need a video for, contact us and we can discuss that as a separate project.  But, we recommend doing the “Meet Me” video first, then we can see if there’s anything missing and plan for that afterward.

How do I prepare for the shoot?
There’s nothing to prepare, other than look through your computer and phone for any pictures that might be good for us to edit into your final videos (remember your logo too!).  The shoot is simply a conversation, and we want you to be yourself, present and in the moment.  You don’t even need to know your elevator pitch!

Will I get to see a draft of the final videos, or help with the editing?
That’s a great question – and the answer is, you’re going to have to trust us.  Take a look at some of our previous videos, and we’re even happy to connect you with past clients for references, but we don’t invite clients into our editing process, and there is no formal drafting process.  But, see the next section ….

Is there a guarantee?
We consider each video production a walking billboard for us.  If you are not happy with the final videos, we will re-shoot and/or re-edit until you are.

Who owns the videos?
You will own the final videos we deliver to you – in other words, the 60 second, 15 second, and any outtakes you purchase.  We continue to own the unused footage until or unless we produce more of it for you.

After the videos are done, then what?  How do I use them?
We’ll give you instructions and reminders in the days, weeks, and months following the video shoot, to help you make the most of this investment.  This includes showing you how to add the 15 second video to your email signature, adding both videos to your website, sending a prospect your YouTube link, embedding your video in your linkedin profile, and much more.  For now, check out this document to give you a preview 10 ways to use video in your marketing

How long until the videos are completed?
For the base package, we “shoot” for a 2 week or less turnaround (additional add-ons, especially field “B roll” may affect this)



PS …. IF THIS ISN’T FOR YOU, chances are you know someone that has their own business or is in a sales role, and wants to grow.  Please share this web page with them! Just copy and paste this link into an email or Facebook messenger, etc:



*Notes –
1. for the logo animation, we need a decent file / resolution to work with.  if you don’t have this, or don’t have a logo at all, we can recommend a graphic designer
2. advanced SEO – depending on how competitive the search term is that you’re going for, we may need to adjust the price – this price reflects a typical local business (for example, if you wanted to dominate a highly competitive term like “weight loss expert”, that could be extremely costly)