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videoactive-productions-portfolio-videosI love what I do. I get to interview all different types of business owners and learn lots of cool things about many industries. And each time I tape someone new, I can’t wait to go out and tell others about them!

Kind of like after you’ve had a really good meal, you want to go tell all your friends to go to that restaurant.

We try to capture that live experience in the final video – so when a prospect watches it, they actually get a “taste” of what it’s like to work with that person.

So …. if you’re a small business owner or professional, it’s crucial to have an intro video like this that you can forward on to prospects, put on your website, put on your LinkedIn profile, and give to your happy clients so they can easily pass it on to other people (make it easy and tell them how to do it, and people will actually take the time to refer you).

This style of video is not only the most effective (because it’s REAL) but it’s also really simple to make – and takes virtually no preparation. Remember, you’re just talking about you and your business. If something doesn’t come out right, just cut it out in editing!

Here are some sample questions:
1. What makes you different?
2. What’s something that people would be surprised to know about you?
…. about your industry?
3. What’s the #1 tip you can give a prospect?
4. What’s something you wish your clients would do (if budget was not an issue)?

Notice I didn’t include things like “how long have you been doing this” and “what’s your favorite color” and other superficial questions.

Try not to make a commercial – instead, provide value. What tip, suggestion, or insight can you give the viewer about your industry that will add to their experience – regardless of whether or not they ever buy something from you.

We can help with some or all of this process. But … if you’d like to let us do all the work, check out our Shower & Showup Package.

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