How To Share Your YouTube Video Without Competitors Showing Up Next To It

The jury is in – YouTube is the best place to host your videos.  It may not be all perfect, but it’s got the best combination of playability across all platforms, decent quality, and search engine clout and visibility … it’s king.

With that being said, one of the issues with sending people to watch your video on YouTube is the fact that they are then subject to other videos – they can get sidetracked into watching a competitor video or just another subject all together, like cats & babies, music, or some kind of crazy jackass style comedy.

But, there’s one little thing you can do to mitigate this risk: put together what’s called a playlist

A couple more things …

  1. using playlists is good for other reasons as well – it’s more likely to keep someone watching for longer which means they are more likely to convert, and YouTube is more likely to rank you higher in the future as people watch your videos for longer (audience retention is huge in their ranking factors)
  2. if you’re sending people to your website to watch your videos, that’s always best – just embed your YouTube video on the page, making sure the “show suggested videos when finished” box is NOT checked when you go grab the embed code

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