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I’m constantly re-writing and testing out different messages to see what gets the best response. I believe it’s the most important thing you can do for your business.

If you can describe what you do in one sentence, and the person on the other end says “really?” or simply shows a genuine reaction, then you know you’re on to something! Otherwise, you’ll simply blend into their already overcrowded databank … just another person who “does what you do”.

With that being said, here’s my latest incarnation: “From 60 minutes to 60 seconds™. We produce short, powerful & personal “interview style” business videos. Just Shower & Showup™ and we’ll take care of the rest!”

You need to say just enough about the type of business you’re in so they can put you in some sort of box, but the main thing should be to give them a mental image as to how / why you’re different or better. You don’t want to be too out there or it won’t work, yet it’s got to be strong enough that they question what’s wrong with their current product / vendor or it makes them feel a little excited about maybe trying out what you do for the first time.

Just start paying more attention to what you say and how people react when you describe what you do, and I guarantee ALL of your marketing will become more effective.

Customer-Centric Marketing

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How well do you know your business?

Pretty good, right? You’ve probably been at it for a number of years – it’s what you do every day … if you’re like me, perhaps you get a little (a lot) obsessive about it!

It’s easy to forget when talking to other people that they don’t live inside your business like you do, and they often don’t understand all the in’s and out’s of what you do.

Here’s my point. Try to look at your business from the customer’s point of view. The best way to do this is to call up some of them and ask them how they would describe what it is that you do for them. Ask them how you’ve helped them and the value you bring. Even better – tape the phone call, then go back and listen (it’s always a really different perspective listening in as an observer – when you don’t have to be present in the conversation)

“True Marketing” vs Tactics & Tricks

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What do you think of when I say marketing?

Websites, SEO, yellow pages, direct mail, social media, etc ……. Right?

Well, these are really just pieces of the overall puzzle – just channels, just ways to get your message out there.

But – what about the actual message?
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