Is Owning Your Business Owning You?

Free Up Some Time With A 90 Second Video That Clearly Delivers Your Message

What business are you in?


But… is simply telling people what you do really enough? Can’t you just see their faces: “ugh, another lawyer – another contractor – another insurance guy”

If only there was another way…

At VideoActive, we give you an easy, compelling, natural, and credible way to show people what you do and why you’re different.

If you’re like most overwhelmed small business owners, it’s a constant stressful cycle of sell, sell, sell … do, do, do …. sell, sell, sell ….. do, do, do …. and some days you feel trapped in this “job” you’ve created for yourself.

What you really need is a way to duplicate yourself – a system – so you can start having a life again and work on the business instead of being a slave to it.

The first step towards freedom is clarifying your message.

Why? Because once you have more customers coming in with less effort, you’ll have more time, resources, and cash to build up other systems in your business.

Everything becomes much simpler when you can clearly communicate to the right people what your true value is – you know, that thing that you’re having trouble putting into words that gets people to say, “yes I want to hire you”.

A Shower & Showup™ Video from VideoActive is the shortcut, allowing you to quickly cut to the core of what makes you and your business unique. Through our super easy and comfortable interviewing process, we capture those essential moments that occur naturally during a conversation with a potential customer, and turn them into a concise 90 second video that you can easily distribute and share everywhere, delivering your best message even while you sleep!

We turn a 1 hour conversation into a 90 second video that conveys your message in a way that gets people wanting to talk to you.

The Next Step

I’ll give you 30 minutes of my time to see if we can help you.

No charge, no obligation, no sales pitch – I’ll start the pre-interview process during this phone call, then we can both decide if it’s a match. Either way you’re likely to get something out of it.

Contact us now to set up a time

Remember – it’s not just about making a video, it’s about taking a step closer to that freedom you dreamed about when you first started your business!


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