How To Enable & Upload Custom YouTube Thumbnails

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eyes closed picYou know that little picture that you click on to watch a video?

Sometimes the image that shows up is pretty unflattering – it’s usually someone with their mouth open or their eyes are closed. Don’t let this happen to you!

Normally when you upload a video to YouTube, they give you three choices for this image, which is called a thumbnail. Very often, none are great options. But, you can unlock the ability to upload a custom thumbnail just by verifying your YouTube account.

Just go into account settings and click verify – then it will ask for a phone # for them to text a verification code to. That’s it. They just want to make sure you are a real person. There’s no other requirements.

Unfortunately, YouTube menus can be very confusing, so here are some screenshots to show you how to find the verification button.


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Customer-Centric Marketing

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How well do you know your business?

Pretty good, right? You’ve probably been at it for a number of years – it’s what you do every day … if you’re like me, perhaps you get a little (a lot) obsessive about it!

It’s easy to forget when talking to other people that they don’t live inside your business like you do, and they often don’t understand all the in’s and out’s of what you do.

Here’s my point. Try to look at your business from the customer’s point of view. The best way to do this is to call up some of them and ask them how they would describe what it is that you do for them. Ask them how you’ve helped them and the value you bring. Even better – tape the phone call, then go back and listen (it’s always a really different perspective listening in as an observer – when you don’t have to be present in the conversation)

How To Properly Upload Videos To YouTube

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We always recommend uploading all videos to YouTube – even if you want them on your website, put them on YouTube first then embed them on your site. Why? Because YouTube is the #2 search engine, owned by Google (#1). Enough said …

In this video, we show the basics of uploading a video to YouTube, including how to create a title, description, and tags section that will help you get found in the search engines.

Make sure to also watch this for a quick how to on adding your video to your LinkedIn profile

Need a new video? Our Shower & Showup™ is the perfect way to easily get a pro video made that shows people what you do & WHY you’re different.

Mike’s Shower & Showup Video – Why This Process Is So Effective

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Finally, the shoemaker’s son has some shoes! Below is a Shower & Showup™ video featuring me, Mike Liebensohn, owner of VideoActive Productions.

In this video I talk a little about who we are best suited for, and why our techniques tend to create a final production that’s more compelling for the viewer while also making the entire taping experience a lot more fun!

For a behind the scenes / overview of Shower & Showup™, watch the video on the home page

Special thanks to Tanya Detrik at All Write Resources (a fantastic business writer) for lending us her amazing interviewing skills, allowing me the ability to switch roles for just long enough to create this video.

How To Share Your YouTube Video Without Competitors Showing Up Next To It

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The jury is in – YouTube is the best place to host your videos.  It may not be all perfect, but it’s got the best combination of playability across all platforms, decent quality, and search engine clout and visibility … it’s king.

With that being said, one of the issues with sending people to watch your video on YouTube is the fact that they are then subject to other videos – they can get sidetracked into watching a competitor video or just another subject all together, like cats & babies, music, or some kind of crazy jackass style comedy.

But, there’s one little thing you can do to mitigate this risk: put together what’s called a playlist

A couple more things …

  1. using playlists is good for other reasons as well – it’s more likely to keep someone watching for longer which means they are more likely to convert, and YouTube is more likely to rank you higher in the future as people watch your videos for longer (audience retention is huge in their ranking factors)
  2. if you’re sending people to your website to watch your videos, that’s always best – just embed your YouTube video on the page, making sure the “show suggested videos when finished” box is NOT checked when you go grab the embed code

[Video Production Tip] Shooting “B Roll” With Your Phone

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Whether you’re planning to do a Shower & Showup™ video with us or you’re making your own videos, one thing that can make the production much more compelling and entertaining is by adding “B Roll”.

VideoActive Productions: Shooting b roll with your iphone or smartphoneB roll just means other footage or images that we cut to when editing. It literally refers to the second or “B” roll of camera film they used back in the day. Think about a news story – the A roll is for the news reporter and interviews, and the B roll would contain things like the street, buildings, cars, murder scene, etc.

It’s crucial to have other imagery so your video is not just a “talking head” the whole time. Since we’re primarily discussing business marketing videos and professional profile / meet me videos, you’ll want to get shots of your business environment or things that shows whatever it is your business does.

Here are some examples:

  • Shots of you at your desk
  • You on the phone
  • At your computer (shoot from behind, side & front)
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(Why) Start Your Online Strategy With YouTube

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In this short podcast I start by talking about why it’s best to upload your videos to YouTube, thus making YouTube the primary hosting platform for all videos … but then I go into the strategy / concept of using social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Blogger to drive traffic to your website – something that’s actually easier to accomplish than to try to optimize your actual company website to show up high in the search engines.

Give it a listen, then I’d love to get your questions & comments


Two Birds, One Stone … Leveraging YouTube & Google

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YouTube Logo ImageOne video can go many places. Just a quick tip – if you make a video, whether it’s about your company or it’s on a certain topic, your best strategy is to first upload it to YouTube, then “embed” it on your website.

When you put it on the website – on either a regular page or in a blog post, also put the text transcription (what was said in the video) below it.

With this approach, you’ll get found in both places – YouTube (#2 search engine) and Google (#1). Incidentally, they’re both the same company.

Want to learn more about that? Check out our Getting Started With Video Marketing video, and make sure you’re on our email list because we’re always releasing newer versions of this same presentation (free).

Mixed Bag: 3 (very quick) Online Video Marketing Tips

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Here’s a mixed bag of video marketing tips that most people aren’t aware of …

1. Google trends – use this tool to find topics to make videos about. Can you somehow make a parallel between something in your business and a trending search phrase, or something from pop culture? Include those words in your title when uploading the YouTube. Click here to go to Google Trends

2. Google + – backlinks are a big part of helping your video rise above other videos (when another website links to your stuff it’s like a big thumbs up for you). One way to get a leg up: after you upload your video, post something about it in Google +, then COMMENT on that same post and this time include the full link to your video (start with http://)

3. Free background music – good / appropriate music is essential when producing a video. You can’t just go stealing other people’s music to use (your video WILL be taken down, or worse). YouTube now provides some really good tracks to use for free – visit their audio library

What Does “Video Marketing” Really Mean?

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Leveraging Video To Increase Sales With “Video Marketing”

Video Marketing can mean many things – which is why I put the phrase in quotes. It can simply mean the use of video in your business marketing, using video spots online or on TV, or optimizing video for the search engines.

But to me, Video Marketing refers to an overall strategy revolving around video. There are three parts:

  1. Producing a series of value added / content based videos and uploading to hosting sites like YouTube with proper keywords & optimization to get found online
  2. Create offers involving this video series to encourage email signups on your website – or follows on your social networks
  3. Nurturing and stay top of mind with this list over time via email & social media, always delivering helpful content (the video series, one by one)

In addition, you’ll want to make it easy for people to get started doing business with you in each communication. Some may call right away and some may take a couple months or even years to convert. But, if you’re taking a long term sustainable approach, it doesn’t really matter.  Once the system is setup, each video and each email gets being delivered in the same way whether it’s going to one person or 1,000 people! True leverage of your time using YouTube and email autoresponders (emails that are pre-programmed).

This video provides a brief overview of WHY you’d want to use Video Marketing

This video goes into more detail about the actual process and demonstrates how it all works

For even more info, download our free e-book that explains the above strategy in detail

Or, give us a call at (203) 665-8874 or email