DavidArthur Investments Expands Into Precious Metals

DavidArthur Investments expands into precious metals

Here is a recent press release from my good friend Dave – he’s a great guy, and great at what he does – check it out and spread the word!  -Mike


David S. Barkstedt, CEO of DavidArthur Investments, recently just launched a new precious metals platform to their existing business model.  DavidArthur Investments, based in Shelton, CT is a private real estate investment company.

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DAI has recently received its precious metal broker license and the firm is purchasing scrap precious metals.  Here is the new website for precious metals 


The firm is not investing in Exchange Traded Funds, rather they are working on the local level assisting consumers with turning their unwanted or broken jewelry and gemstones into cash.  “We assisted hundreds of underwater homeowners throughout the years, now we can focus on helping more than just the homeowner.  Mostly everyone owns a piece of jewelry that is a tangible asset.  We want people to know they can come to us when they need cash and we will pay them top dollar.  People often forget how valuable a small 14 karat necklace is worth, and often times an extra few hundred dollars can make a difference” said David S. Barkstedt, CEO of DavidArthur Investments LLC.


Although DAI is serving the local market, they are already increasing their presence nationwide with their national mail order campaign where customers can mail their precious metals from anywhere in the US.  To reach DAI, please visit http://www.diamonddavebuys.com  


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