B2B Video Marketing – Using Customer Success Story Videos To Drive Traffic & Build A Community

Customer success story videos, aka testimonial videos, are powerful!  Especially when they are emotional and “real”.  (It better not look like they’re reading a script!)

For a business selling to consumers (B2C) these are great videos to make whenever there’s a satisfied customer in your store, restaurant, or you’re at their home.  You can just take out your iphone or flip cam and turn it on and ask them, “what can you tell me about your experience?” then upload it to YouTube (make sure to properly add keywords – see this video at about halfway).  In my opinion, the more raw the production value in these cases, the better.

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But …. if you’re a business selling to another business (B2B) this “rough” approach is OK, but there’s a really good reason to go farther and make it nice.

Why? Because they’re a business, and they also have something to gain by being in this video.

If you capture your client / customer in a highly personal way – especially if it’s the owner / president of the business – talking about how your company helped them, they now have a video they can use in their own marketing.  In other words, they get to talk about their own business on camera in an indirect way, and there’s something really powerful and credible about that – it seems more real, disarming, like we’re looking in on something from behind the scenes – not watching some canned commercial.

So – the better you make them look, the more likely they are to share it everywhere (their website, email newsletter, facebook, twitter, etc) which not only gives you more exposure (they are endorsing you to their other clients and network), but the more views and shares your video gets, the better it will do in Google search, YouTube, and the more likely your website will be to rank high.

Check out some videos that a company called Nextiva, a business phone service company, is making …

Doing a video this way makes their business look good too – so you both have a vested interest in promoting the video around.  Plus, you can start making these for each client, giving you tons of content to target lots of different keywords – all without having to come up with topics or a script.

At VideoActive, we specialize in capturing the “realness” of a business / owner – whether it’s for an about us, FAQ, or a success story video … give us a call at (203) 665-8874 or look around the website for more info.  We can produce everything for you, or help you get setup to do this yourself in-house.


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