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I talk about the importance of creating “authentic” videos a lot, but I just listened to a podcast where Malcolm Gladwell really nailed why this is so important. In other words, why should a business owner, non-profit, professional service provider, artist, etc want to have an authentic profile video where the viewer can get to know him and/or her people, vs just listing what they do on the website?

Malcolm says, “what people respond to as an audience is authenticity, so you want to be as unusual as you can – spend time thinking about ‘who am I’, what is the image and message I’m trying to project about the kind of person I am and how I see the world”.

You want to be as unusual as you can, he said. Isn’t that interesting?

My daughter Abby, who is as unique as they come =) Courtesy of

It might seem a little unconventional, but think about it – what’s worth more money, something rare and unique or a commodity you can get anywhere? An original painting or a knock-off made in China?

But how do you position yourself as unique when maybe you might not believe you are unique? By focusing on personalities. The great thing about you is that there is only one you. That’s what we highlight. The right “buyers” will resonate with your personality and the wrong ones will be essentially filtered out. You’ll do more business with people who are aligned with your values – people who are happy to pay what you’re worth, and the others are free to go be someone else’s headache.

To hear the podcast I pulled that quote from, go here:

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