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If you’re thinking about advertising, you’re looking for advertising in the greater Bridgeport area, you might want to consider using online video. But I’m not talking about making TV commercials. When it comes to online, the best way to go is to create video, to create content that is already answering questions that people have online. It should have value to it, giving information, answering questions …. how to information – not a sales pitch.

Compare that to typical advertising which is all about specials, discounts, and tactics, just to get someone’s attention, which of course makes it all about price instead of about value or expertise. And that’s just not going to help your bottom line.

So basically it’s marketing versus advertising, and I would equate that to “compel versus convince”. Think about the difference between trying to convince somebody of something versus compelling them. If you’re convincing, which is kind of like what typical advertising tries to do, they’re trying to convince you to try their product or to come into their store or their service. When something’s compelling you’re getting in front of them on a path they’re already on. So your prospect is already searching for solutions to their problems online, on Google. If you can create information that answers their question or helps them in a way before they go to actually buy your product, that will be compelling to them. They’ll want to look at your stuff.

The reason we love to use video is because it’s so much more personal. It really helps you to get your prospects to know, like and trust you, even before you even meet them.

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