About VideoActive

What We Do

Our mission is to bring out the best in people and deliver that truth to the world – whether it be for a cause, art/music, or a business.

We don’t believe in using a teleprompter or feeding lines. Instead, we engage you in a natural conversation while the camera rolls, then we create a story using what we get – the best moments. This approach leads to an authentic production that makes a personal connection with the viewer.

The first step is to have a no-pressure, no charge conversation. We’ll get to know each other, talk about your needs, budget, and look for creative ways to make it happen. Contact us to set up a time for this first phone call / meeting info@VideoActivePro.com or call (203) 665-8874.

Who We Are

Depending on your particular project, we employ the right cinematographers, editors, lighting specialists, graphic artists, and other talent to fulfill the vision directed by VideoActive’s co-owners Mike & Heather.

Mike Liebensohn


Mike is the founder and co-owner of VideoActive and is known for his thoughtful interviewing style, putting people at ease and drawing out their best while the camera rolls. A skilled videographer & editor by trade, Mike’s main role is bringing together the people-moving principles of marketing with the people-connecting craft of movie making, to create a final product that delivers results for our clients.

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Heather Prescott Liebensohn

Creative Director

Heather is co-owner of VideoActive and an award-winning photographer with an incredible sense for applying the right light & direction to a scene to make clients look their natural best. Heather’s super power is her charming personality; injecting humor and entertainment value both on set and throughout post-production.

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Mike & Heather have 3 kids, and are based in southern CT. They also own That Photographer Girl, Forsaken Photography and belong to the original rock band Parkway South.