What People Are Saying…

Success Stories / What People Are Saying …

“A client from out of state recently contacted me for information on having a party.
My regular practice is to always ask potential clients if they have tried us before and where they found out about us. He said he just did a Google search and came across our site. He loved the concept and said the sell was my promotional video, which he found “very convincing”. I owe that to Mike Liebensohn at Video Active Pro. I knew that the video was professional looking but didn’t realize how much of a pro it made me look like. I highly recommend Mike’s expertise to anyone who is looking to get a leg up on the competition. Again, great job Mike!”

Michael DiStassio @ The Local Meatball

Rob Thomas of Rob Thomas CT

Frank Heneghan of CT Gutter

Kevin Schumacher of Sports Center of CT

Tom Ingrassia of The MotivAct Group

Joe Konkol of Greenskeeper Lawn Care

Robert Gambardella of Concierge Tax Services, LLC

Christina Brown of Telephone Participation

David Fortt of New Image Associates

Laura Treonze of LMT Consulting

Bill Karchere of www.ctplatinumhomes.com

George Scurlock of CollegeHelp1.com

Dr Tom Gregson of GregsonHealth.com

Deb Alderson & Bunny Mostad of Coldwell Banker

Mark DeFrancesco of Marketing A Painting Company

“Ask Mike about his fantastic interviewing style too, which helps present a relaxed, genuine and professional video for all to see! Mike does great work!”
Rob Thomas

“[having videos] is like a salesman taking care of the sale for me, then I’m just coming in and cleaning up”
Frank Heneghan @ CTGutter.com

“Good stuff, Mike!”
Jon Kehl @ JohnKehl.com

“Mike is the go-to guy for video marketing … without a doubt”
Dave Barkstedt @ Gym Short CEO

“Mike is a Solid Talent, he is not only spontaneous, but extremely creative. I have worked with Mike on numerous levels, personal and professional, he demands a lot of himself and is tenacious in his pursuit of his vision…”
John Francis Jr. @ Horizon Music Group

“Mike is very talented, and a very creative person. I highly recommend him!”
Ingri Boe-Wiegaard @ CT Acupuncture Center

“I was surprised (but pleased) about the level of detail and technical knowlege you all have”
David Fortt @ New Image Associates

“One of the greatest parts of working with Mike was the automatic rapport and comfort level … it made the video taping process really easy ….. Mike and the VideoActive team bring online video to a new level by offering true production services – it’s more than video – from advising me on content, to creating value-add videos and then assisting with SEO. Mike is awesome to work with because he takes the time to understand your business, your goals and then create videos that bring your business to life online.”
Laura Treonze @ LMT Consulting

“This whole experience has really been a positive growth opportunity for me, because its forced me to look at other people and my own world from a different perspective – from video”
Bill Karchere @ Platinum Properties

“It’s important to communicate my passion about the work I do to a client – and that’s more effectively done in video than words on a website”
George Scurlock @ CollegeHelp1.com

“Having videos on YouTube, Facebook, my website, and also sending them out through email autoresponders has really helped ease some of the concerns my patients have before coming in to see me. There’s no doubt its put me ahead of my competition. I have to say overall its been a home run!”
Dr Tom Gregson @ GregsonHealth.com

“I’ve been very impressed from day one – Mike is very thorough and detail oriented, really cares about the project – and the part I was most concerned with, which is the filming process, was quick and easy and painless. So, thank you Mike!”
Mark DeFrancesco @ MDF Painting

“I’ll never forget when this first started working. Some random person found us online and called me and said, “We saw your video online and we just knew you were the right person …”
Andy Czaplinski @ Creative Home Improvement

“Your videos are great, entertaining – and NOT pushy!”
Bryan Short @ Sewing Loft Of Avon

“Having worked along side Mike on several occasions, I can completely give my highest recommendations for his work and integrity. Most recently, I recommended him to a large client of mine to do some video production work, and they were incredibly happy with the results. All I heard was praise for Mike’s creativity and quality final output in feedback. He is a valued local business and a great person to work with”
Bill DeRosa @ Talking Finger