Mixed Bag: 3 (very quick) Online Video Marketing Tips

Here’s a mixed bag of video marketing tips that most people aren’t aware of …

1. Google trends – use this tool to find topics to make videos about. Can you somehow make a parallel between something in your business and a trending search phrase, or something from pop culture? Include those words in your title when uploading the YouTube. Click here to go to Google Trends

2. Google + – backlinks are a big part of helping your video rise above other videos (when another website links to your stuff it’s like a big thumbs up for you). One way to get a leg up: after you upload your video, post something about it in Google +, then COMMENT on that same post and this time include the full link to your video (start with http://)

3. Free background music – good / appropriate music is essential when producing a video. You can’t just go stealing other people’s music to use (your video WILL be taken down, or worse). YouTube now provides some really good tracks to use for free – visit their audio library

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