Get a Video Of YOU And YOUR Business (That You’ll Love) … With Zero Effort: Just Shower & Showup™

There’s absolutely nothing to prepare. You just show up and talk about yourself.

No matter what business you’re in, there’s only one YOU – and that’s what people are buying.

There’s no pressure, no first take, no second take … just one fluid conversation. And we use only the best 60 seconds.

When we get you talking about your business, and you’re completely present, in the moment (not trying to recite some 60 second commercial) it resonates with the viewer at a gut level, and positions you as the trusted expert in your field.

You’re not just dealing with a “videographer”; rather, you’ll be having a conversation with an experienced marketer & producer who sees your business from the customer / client’s perspective.


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Shower & Showup™ Package
  • 45 minute conversational interview at one of our studios
  • Professional HD cameras, lighting, audio
  • Nothing to prepare, we do all the work
  • Separate 1 hour “B roll” shoot to collect additional footage
  • Meticulous editing & post production, including custom logo animation & music selection
  • Final video will be approx 60 seconds
  • Keyword research, basic video SEO, and YouTube channel setup
  • We’ll help you put it on your website and in your email signature
  • We’ll also give you additional clips you can share on social media
Starting at $5,000

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The Science Behind Our Approach

There are a number of statistics that point to the fact that voice tone and body language are more powerful in communicating a message than actual word content. Have you ever called someone you’ve never met and got their voicemail? Just hearing their voice for the first time created a mental image of that person. You began sizing them up, deciding if you like them or not.

Now, let’s look at most video taping scenarios. Most of us tend to act differently when someone points a camera at us. It’s very difficult to be authentic. We are nervous, and we think we need to BE a certain way. Even professional actors aren’t being themselves, they are playing a role.

Our approach is to completely distract from the camera by engaging you in a conversation, and after about 15 minutes you forget the camera is on and finally become present, in the moment, and your true self emerges. That’s the material that we want to use in the final video edit. That’s what connects with the viewer at gut level – because it’s from the heart, and people believe the words you are saying.



Then What? Ways To Use The Video …

  • First off, send it ahead of every phone call or meeting. It will position you and build trust and rapport before you even meet
  • We can put it on your website home page to increase engagement – connect personally with visitors instead of writing some boring text (also reduces bounce rate)
  • Have your clients share it with their friends on social media. It’s easy, just paste the link. It’s you in a box. People get to meet you with no effort
  • Put a link to the video in your email signature so your video goes wherever your emails go. You never know what people forward on
  • Run an ad campaign in social media, google, or television
  • Send out postcards with a link to your video
  • Purchase an email list and feature the video
  • Pursue advanced SEO (search engine optimization) so your video pops up when someone googles your business category, nationally or locally


The “10x10x4” Package
10x10x4 = 24 videos. We use the same Shower & Showup approach to create a complete video content marketing strategy for online list building and/or individual “drip” prospecting. Through a quantity of value-add content, you can attract new clients through YouTube and Google search, and/or send out to specific lists, all while positioning yourself as the trusted expert over time, through a number of “touches”.

Starting at $10,000

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Other Services

Video SEO
Facebook & Google ad campaigns
Email marketing
TV placement

We can also help you set-up and provide ongoing consulting / training if you wish to start producing your own videos in-house

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We may be able to provide a custom solution. Give us a call.