10 Ways To Use Video In Your Marketing

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10 Ways To Use Video In Your Marketing

1. Add video to your LinkedIn profile
I don’t know about you, but one of the first places I go when I meet someone new is LinkedIn. I want to find out more about them, their history, and who they know. Now you can include a video in your LinkedIn profile – the perfect place for new connections to get a better idea of what you’re all about and start bonding with you, anchoring good feelings about you from day one.
2. Put a link to your video in your email signature
You never know who your emails might get forwarded to … maybe one of your customers passes on your info to another prospect. By having your intro video in the signature, you make it easier for people to get to know you better (and that’s crucial!)

3. Feature a video in your email newsletter

Whether you’re already sending out regular emails to your customers and prospects or you plan to start email marketing in the future, the question “what do I write about” always comes up. You can feature your intro video or a content / tip / FAQ video in the email …. just write a little bit of text to lead into it, include a picture of the video linking to it on your website or YouTube.

4. Post video in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, etc
This works great, especially if you get into the habit of producing video on a regular basis (like once a month would be nice). It’s always tricky coming up with content to post in social media that is business related. FAQ and SAQ’s (should ask questions) are the solution. People love to watch and share videos, and it’s also a way to build up a formidable presence in Google (host your videos on YouTube AND embed on your website). A good strategy is to post a link to the YouTube video in Facebook one day, LinkedIn another day, Google + another day, etc. All this interlinking gets you exposure in lots of places, all of which strengthens your presence in Google. (watch this for some best practices for sharing video in social media)

5. Put an intro video on your website home page
Just having video on your website will give you a 50x better chance of ranking on Google. Besides that, you’ll better engage the people that come to your site so they stay longer and “bounce” less (which can hurt your google rankings). Plus it makes the experience more personal and of course, helps prospects to better know, like, and trust you. (See Shower & Showup Video Package)

6. Turn your video into a blog post
Just like with the email newsletter, you can use the video as content for your blog. I recommend hosting it on YouTube, embedding it in the blog post, and also write some intro text. It’s also handy to include a transcript of the video (all that text is good for Google). AND – upload that transcript to YouTube! (Google is already “reading” your videos, so make it easier for them and ye shall be rewarded)

7. Run a video ad campaign on Google Adwords
You may or may not be a fan of those video ads that show up before the real video plays – but it works. Did you know you can use those same $100 adwords credits that come in the mail for video ads too? (watch You Can Be On TV)

8. Ask each of your clients to share your video with at least one person
The whole video thing just makes you stand out. If you have a “real” video of you talking, being interviewed as the expert, it does a great job of positioning you in the eyes of the viewer. It’s not only easier for your clients to forward than the typical “hey, this guy does blah blah blah, you should call him” email, but it’s also more effective.

9. Send your video ahead before making that “cold call”
If you email someone your video first, they will already know what to expect by the time you call them. Never make another cold call again =)

10. Do nothing – the video will likely show up in the search engines all by itself
By hosting your video on YouTube, and spending a little time incorporating the right keywords (watch this) into the title, description, and tags section of the video, that video stands an excellent chance of showing up in a regular Google search. Why? Because Google owns YouTube, and videos are HUGE right now – and they make money off of it!

Need help creating video?  We have two packages to help you get started …

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Questions?  Or maybe you have other ideas for using video …. comment below:

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